FASHION WEEKS SS 23: ¡Todo lo que necesitas saber! Primavera/verano 23

FASHION WEEKS SS 23: Everything you need to know! Spring/summer 23

Discover the trends for this summer 2023!

Many of you know what Fashion Week is? It is the event of the year where designers, celebrities and fashion fans come together to see the latest trends. You want to know more? Keep reading!

Fashion Week is an event that is held 4 times a year , in cities around the world, such as New York, London, Milan and Paris . In recent years, cities such as Copenhagen, Tokyo, Shanghai and Melbourne, Australia have also gained strength.

The strongest seasons are Winter ( Fall ) and summer ( Spring ), but we must also take into account the Pre-Fall (autumn) and Resort (spring) proposals, the mid-season collections.

For a week, the most prominent designers present their collections for the next season, showing the latest volumes, styles, colors, fabrics and trends.

It is also a place where buyers and the media can see the latest developments in the world of fashion from designers.

On Vogue Runway , you can stay up to date with everything, they update it every day and you will find all the designers and seasons. It's like the newspaper archive of the parades. Keep an eye!

But above all, and in recent years it has been very interesting to see the looks of the Fashion Week attendees in each city . We will share in stories some Instagram users who do it really well .

Before starting we want to share our vision of trends and fashion in general.

Although below you will find a list of the most important trends of this season, at Wearth we encourage you that NOT because it is a trend you have to follow it . That is to say, in the end fashion is a tool with which to express yourself, enjoy, play and above all feel good, that makes you feel good and matches your personality.

And on the other hand, if you like to be up to date and follow trends because you like it, there are a thousand ways to do it sustainably. We give you some TIPS:

  • Have a good wardrobe , it is important to have good timeless clothes and neutral colors that you can combine with almost everything . You optimize budget, clothes and space.

  • Before entering, let out . There is no point in accumulating and accumulating, buy what you really like and when you get something new, take out something that you no longer wear, whether giving as a gift or selling or customizing.

  • Transform those garments that you no longer wear, either by adding elements such as fringes or studs, cutting and remaking the garment, dyeing... there are a thousand ways, with creativity anything can be done.

  • Second hand stores . As you know, trends are cyclical and although they always have some new element, go to any second-hand store and you will surely find something similar that you will love. And the best: no one else will have it! Soon we will make a post about the second-hand stores that we like the most.

  • Mommy's or grandma's closet : if they are like mine, they will have clothes from the eighties and nineties or even clothes that they have made themselves. Take advantage because they are authentic gems!

I always talk about women's clothing, but men of the world, please, do the same!

Having said this from Wearth , we watch all the shows because we like to know what is happening and what is being worn in addition to being inspired , but as consumers and creatives we are the ones who ultimately decide if there is something with which we identify. In the end, each brand and each designer has to choose their path. But I have to say that we love fashion, and that also means that we love to see new proposals, colors, volumes, materials, etc.

Finally, before starting with what you are going to take (some of them you can already see in stores) we want to make a note of:

Where do the trends that designers show come from? Do you agree?

Fashion trends are predictions based on society and the global political and economic moment . That is to say, according to today's moment, proposals are made about what the world will be like and how society will evolve three years from now. This is done by companies such as WGSN or Trend Union , among the best and that give many tools to designers who, based on these proposals, turn them into possible trends in color, material, etc.

Now that you are situated, what is going to happen in 2023?

Fringes: they began to be seen last year, but this year they return with force.

Oversized blazer: extra large blazer, it continues and comes with force. The Winter shows that have just come out reconfirm it. You can see ours from Wearth , made of organic linen :)

Denim on denim: coming strong. Same tone or two-tone. Long live denim!

Hot pants + transparencies: transparencies are worn with these mini pants.

Layering: layer upon layer. In a thousand ways, corsets on top, skirts on top of pants and dresses on top of pants. Anything goes :)

Crinoline: volumes for the most daring. Emerging trend and surely for special occasions.

New romanticism: lace slip dresses. Also satin dresses combined with lace. The inside comes out.

Draped dresses: of all types and positions, we love this one.

Knitted dress: we already saw it last season, and this one confirms that it continues. Most of them creating a network effect.

Flyers: they started last season and this one continues.

Low shot: continues to rise.

Catsuit: emerging trend we do not know if it will gain strength

Metallic: metallic fabrics.

Utility: the trend that was seen for the first time about three or four summers ago, is still there and in some of the best designers

For more, you can also consult some pages like Tagwalk or simply see them yourself ;)

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