• Design

    From this first phase, and the most important, is where we decide everything and especially the processes that we are going to need to carry out the collection. It is the approach to everything and where from the beginning we propose sustainability and good practices.


    We take care of almost the entire process. From the design phase, choice of materials to prototyping and manufacturing. We make the patterns ourselves and make the first prototypes in our workshop.

    We distribute the preparation of the production between our workshop and a trusted workshop in the area. Therefore, it is a completely local product and we also have total traceability in this garment process.

  • GOTS certified and local natural materials:

    All the fabrics we use are of natural and plant origin. Especially 100% organic linen and 100% organic cotton , these are the fabrics that we usually use in all collections.

    All these materials are purchased from trusted European suppliers where we ensure that the linen has been grown and woven in Europe and the cotton comes from Turkey and has been woven in Europe, of course all organic and with the GOTS seal. In this way, we have full traceability and know the entire history of the fabrics we use.

    We also know that toxins in the materials have been avoided or minimized as much as possible , so that they are not harmful to our users.

    We use natural materials of 100% compositions , in this way they are biodegradable and recyclable garments with mechanical shredding without problem, since mixed compositions are very difficult to recycle and there is still no way to do it on the market.

  • Natural Dyes

    We always use the natural color of the fiber , cotton in its natural raw color and linen in a natural beige color. In this way we avoid toxins in the garments, since many toxins that we can find in fabrics come from wet processes, that is, finishing and dyeing of fabrics.

    After seeing our products you will see that there are some colored garments. And yes, they have been dyed, with natural dyes and piece by piece in an artisanal way.

    We do it ourselves in our workshop, with tagetes dye, natural mordentation and reserve dyeing. In addition to respecting the skin of our clients, we make each garment unique , since the wonderful thing about craftsmanship and dyes, and more natural ones, is this, each garment comes out different.

  • Limited editions:

    Our brand model has always been: produce what you are going to sell , for us one of the most sustainable ways of producing. Do not create surplus.

    That's why we only make small productions . In this way we produce a small quantity of each model and we only repeat the models that have worked for us and we plan to sell.

    Furthermore, this decision means that our garments can have more care, better finishes, more careful details, promoting an extended useful life of the product.

    Our mission is to create unique, quality, versatile and long-lasting garments.

  • Labeling and packaging:

    Our brand and composition labels are made of 100% organic cotton , printed with water-based inks. Both our boxes and envelopes are cardboard or Kraft paper from certified and recyclable forests.

    All our garments have labels on both the composition label and hanging labels on how to properly wash our products. In this way we inform the user how to extend the life of the product .

  • Circularity:

    When production is already underway, leftover cut fabric is inevitable, the same with samples that we have requested before developing the collection, etc. We have two options to use these leftovers:

    - On the one hand, we are dedicated to making small accessories framed within our RE·WEARTH project : scrunchies , sarongs or tote bags .

    - What we have left over from making these accessories along with other scraps that we have not been able to use, we save to deliver to Spanish textile recycling companies .