¡Prepárate para brillar este Otoño Invierno 23/24 con las tendencias de bisutería más Cool!

Get ready to shine this Fall Winter 23/24 with the coolest jewelry trends!

Hello friends!

Today we come to talk to you about jewelry and accessories. Fall is here, and you know what that means: It's time to give your Fall looks a special touch! It is true that the heat is still hot, so it is the ideal time to prepare your jewelry and give a personal touch to your style ;)

Today we come to talk to you about one of the trends in jewelry and costume jewelry that is always a classic and also this year it is coming with force: PEARLS .

Etro AW23/24

Yes friends, there are designers for whom it is a must , like Chanel . But many others have opted to introduce them into their looks at this winter's shows: Jacquemus, Vivienne Westwood, Etro or MM6 Margiela, among others.

And not only for the great designers, always, if you go to any costume jewelry, clothing or jewelry store you can find models made with this material, as it is a timeless classic , which depending on the design can be adapted to all ages.

And since we like timeless and versatile fashion, what have we done? Well , bet on this super material that is beautiful, elegant and versatile.

At Wearth , we always use irregular river pearls , so they are always different from each other and unique . We combine them with assembly pieces, gold-plated stainless steel chains and hoops. Also with other materials such as semi-precious mineral stones.

We love working with them because being white and with that shine typical of pearls, they illuminate the face and are always a hit for any look.

That year we already worked on some models and the truth is that they were super sellers both in winter and summer. (here the previous collection) . So we have introduced new models of earrings and necklaces and also... BRACELETS . Yes, we finally offer these models and the truth is that they have turned out beautiful.

We leave you the link here, you will soon be able to buy the new models , next week they will be posted without fail. BUT for now we'll post some photos of the new products. Don't hesitate to contact us if you like any, because they are going to fly.

Tell us what you think and what you would like to see in future collections. And we leave you this link on accessories trends in general, where you can see bags, shoes and scarves or gloves and how to wear them :)

A lovely hug

Happy week!

Wearth team

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