Wearth. We are earth, wear the earth

Under this premise we want to be as sustainable as possible, hence the RE·WEARTH project is born.

At Wearth, we believe that the best way to be sustainable, apart from using sustainable materials and processes in the creation of new collections, is to use existing resources to create new garments.

That is, creating new garments with already existing raw materials (second-hand garments, fabrics left over from factory production, leftover tricot threads from other productions, etc.) and putting them back on sale and in operation. Give life to these stocks by promoting circularity and lengthening the life cycle of these materials.

In this way, there is no energy cost for raw material production or environmental cost, on the contrary we reduce it, since we prevent garments or fabrics from being thrown away.

It is a project that we are already working on and we are evolving little by little.

At the moment all the textile accessories that we offer for sale (tote bags, scrunchies and sarongs) are made from our own surplus fabrics from our collections or from flags/fabric samples that we have in the workshop from previous searches.

Hence all of these complements, there are very few that are the same or even only one unit. They are unique and exclusive accessories that no one else will wear and we also contribute to a more sustainable world, minimizing textile waste.

Soon we will present garments made with this same philosophy: from leftover fabrics from our own collection, second-hand fabrics, second-hand threads and second-hand garments by upcycling .

We can't wait to show it to you. Stay tuned!

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